Guide to a Minimal Wardrobe

Recently I’ve been thinking about all of the clothing I have and how little I actually wear. I’m still a poor college student but my goal is over time to get rid of unnecessary & unworn clothing and shoes. I created a list of clothing that are simple and can be worn with many different outfits. This does not include pajamas and workout clothing, just everyday wear.

***I use the term ‘minimal’ loosely

  • Neutral-colored long and short sleeved tops
  • Neutral tank tops
  • 2-3 Sweaters
  • Few chunky cardigans
  • Denim jacket
  • 2-in-1 Winter/Rain Jacket
  • High-waisted black jeans
  • High-waisted blue jeans
  • High-waisted black leggings
  • Few sweatshirts
  • Few flannels
  • Casual sneakers
  • Booties
  • Waterproof/Winter boots
  • Sandals
  • Mules/Flats
  • Black purse
  • Brown purse
  • Maybe a colored purse
  • 3-4 bras
  • Few neutral colored bralettes
  • Few chunky scarves
  • Denim skirt
  • Few causal dresses
  • Few night/occasion dresses
  • Few body suits
  • Simple jewelry
  • Bomber jacket
  • Loose shorts
  • Few denim shorts
  • Sunglasses
  • Watch

I know this seems like a lot most of these you only need 1 or max 3. It’s more efficient than having 30 tops, 8 pairs of jeans. Sweaters & cardigans that don’t match anything. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a few statement and colorful (versatile) pieces. Seasons make it difficult to make a wardrobe really small.

~Below are some of my favorites, if you want some inspiration:

Denim jacket:


Denim skirt:

Long sleeve:

Short sleeve:









Archer and Olive Dotted Journal


I had been using the Red Co. dotted journal that I found on Amazon as my ‘bullet journal”, but I decided to do August 2017-February 2018 when I had some extra time and ended up realizing that I hated the layout. I used erasable highlighters to add some color but once you use them over pencil, the pencil doesn’t come off. Even after you erase the highlighter.

So, for Christmas, I decided to ask for a new one. The pages in the Red Co. notebook were a little thin so I did some research and came across the Archer and Olive notebook.


The notebook has super thick and sturdy pages. Very white pages, a pocket in the back, a bookmark, and an elastic to keep it closed. The book is taller than my previous one which I very much enjoy, too. But, the dots are pretty dark. I use pencil when I write in my journal because I do a lot of erasing and I think the dots are just too dark. Also, there aren’t any page numbers, this isn’t important to me but I know a lot of people who prefer page numbers.


If it was a $6-$10 notebook, I might push it to the side, but it’s $25 so I’m going to love it and continue to use it. Maybe even start using a pen.

KL Polish First Impressions

My KL Polish order finally came in today! It came super quickly. I ordered Point Zero, Aquarius, Graham & Taurus. When I got home from work today I immediately painted my nails. Above, is my nails painted with Taurus.

First, the brush. The brush is flexible and leaves no streaks but it’s very wide. The width made it difficult to paint my pinky & pointer finger without getting polish on my skin.

Second, the formula. The formula is thick. I love it, Taurus was basically opaque with only one coat. ~As a beginner~ I like to only put a little polish on the brush but I found it was easier to spread this evenly with so little. But also I’m dramatic and they came out fine, if I say so myself.

Overall, 9/10. The brush is something I could easily get used to and the formula of this seems really promising.

I cannot wait to use the other colors, I’ll write another post about how the polish wore over time with pictures of the other colors as well.


Winter Essentials


Winter in New England has been wicked cold so far this year and it seems impossible to warm up, especially when you’re dad keeps the house at 62 F. I wanted to share my winter essentials to cope with the frigid cold & icy weather.

Tea: nothing is cozier than cuddling with a giant throw blanket & watching Netflix with a mug of warm tea. My favorites are Green tea with Lemon and Cranberry Hibiscus.

Slippers: Who wants cold feet?


Robe: Getting out of the shower in the winter is one of the worst things ever. A robe against freezing to death. The one my mother got me for Christmas is from Saks Fifth.

Deep Hydration lotion: I can’t be the only one who gets insanely dry during the winter. It almost feels impossible to keep your skin moisturized and un-flakey. I love the Gold Bond Rough & Bumpy and the Vaseline Deep Moisture Jelly Cream.

Lip balm: Waking up with cracked, bleeding lips is disgusting and uncomfortable. I always try to have a lip balm around me. I recently purchased the Smith’s Rosebud Salve from Sephora when I was browsing since I left my Vaseline lip balm at school.

Hand lotion: I am really bad at wearing gloves during the winter and I work on the computer a lot and find that hand lotion is an essential. My favorite is the Crabtree & Evelyn Citron & Coriander Hand Therapy.


Winter Hat: This doesn’t need any explanation, a winter hat is one of the best ways to reach peak coziness. I prefer the hats with the pom-pom on top, I find them more flattering.

Night face lotions: I do wear makeup most days and difficult to find time to moisturize every morning and let it sink in before I put my makeup on. I also have a lot of dry patches on my skin in the winter and need that extra moisture. But I am currently searching for a deep hydration face lotion.

Humidifier: I wake up every morning sounding like I smoke a pack of cigarettes a day, my nose sort of bloody, and lips cracked. I recently remembered that I packed a humidifier when I moved back from school. Using a humidifier at night makes an incredible difference.

Throw blanket: A soft and really large blanket makes the cold months a little more bearable. I’m a cuddler and definitely enjoy a good blanket to wrap myself in.

Heating pad, or heated stuffed animal: My roommate bought me this pig stuffed animal that you put into the microwave and it heats up, like a hot water bottle. It is amazing!! My dad keeps the house at around 62 degrees and cuddling with my lil pig makes it way better.

Ouai Wave Spray Review


My hair was stick-straight until I got to college & it decided to frizz and get an odd wavy texture. It was pretty terrible, to be honest. Then I decided to cut my hair short and it ended up being pretty straight and smooth again. I thought it was back to normal for good. But as it grew back it just kept getting frizzy.

I’ve tried hair masks, I’ve conditioned my hair for 15 minutes in the shower, I’ve used Moroccan oil, coconut oil, etc. And nothing tamed the beast.

I heard about Ouai hair products on Youtube and then started looking into reviews. I was at Sephora and saw that they had a mini size for $12 (1.7 oz) and was going to buy it until I saw the 5 oz for $26 (I’m not sure if that’s actually a better deal) but I bought the larger size.

I’ve used it about 4-6 times and think that I can give an honest review. This product is weird. You can use it in damp or dry hair, but I find that no matter when I use it, that this product makes my hair sticky and hard. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. It honestly just makes my hair feel dirty. I watched the ‘How to’ videos on Youtube and on the Sephora website but I just don’t like it. I’m going to continue to use it in different ways and see if I can find a way to make it not make my hair feel sticky and hard.

Ill keep you updated.

Breakfast Idea: Guacamole & Eggs



I ran out of tortilla chips but I bought Stop & Shop’s guacamole which is fairly large. As everyone knows, guacamole & avocados in general turn brown fairly quickly. So this morning I decided to put some guac with my eggs.

  1. Put stovetop on Medium and spray your pan with some non-stick spray
  2. Get your guacamole out, and cut your english muffin while the pan warms up
  3. I used two large brown eggs for this, I cracked them and put them in the pan & tried my best to keep them separate
  4. Sprinkle some brown pepper & some red pepper flakes on your eggs
  5. Throw your english muffins or bread in the toaster, I put mine on 3 because I like mine warm but not super toasty
  6. I prefer to eat my eggs over easy, so once your eggs are no longer transparent you can flip them over
  7. Now that the english muffins or toast has popped up, spread the guac onto the two slices.
    • This time I decided to put some spinach and sliced tomato on top too, because I need to get rid of it before winter break.
  8. I am still new at cooking so I get nervous that the eggs aren’t cooked enough, so I’ll flip them back over and let them sit for another 15-30 seconds
  9. Now place your eggs on top of the english muffins!
    • Hot sauce optional
  10. I put some blueberries and raspberries on the side to balance out the salt & pepper from the eggs and guac
  11. Enjoy!!

My Favorite Youtubers

Throughout high school and my first two years in college, I watched a lot of Youtubers. I watched comedy YouTubers like nigaghiga and beauty YouTubers like Ignrid Nilsen. My junior year of college I fell out of it and found myself with a Netflix addiction. In September, I seem to have watched all of the shows that I wanted on Netflix and found myself enjoying Youtube again. I only watch beauty Youtubers and their vlog channels now, though. If you’re interested, below is a list of my favorite YouTubers at the moment (in no particular order).


  • KathleenLights: OK, so KathleenLights is my #1 favorite currently. She is extremely relatable and quirky. She has a few collabs with Colourpop, an affordable makeup brand. She just started her own nail polish line, KL Polish which has exploded. Also, Kathleen just always seems so excited. She mainly does makeup tutorials, makeup hauls, makeup reviews.
  • Aspyn Ovard and her vlogging channel: Aspyn is a lifestyle Youtuber, she mostly does life hacks and fashion related video. She has her own clothing store online. I like her vlogs with her husband, Parker because they seem sort of relatable and I get bored with my own life sometimes.
  • Gretchen Geraghty: Gretchen is not relatable at all. She goes to Boston University, which is very expensive and lives a very luxurious lifestyle. But she posts A LOT of clothing hauls which I personally enjoy. I watch her luxury hauls even though I could never afford anything.
  • Ingrid Nilsen: I have been watching Ingrid for YEARS, #tbt to missglamorazzi (not sure how to spell it). She used to mainly be beauty and fashion but she has expanded her channel to be more of a lifestyle channel. She is very open about self-care and women’s health. She does still do beauty and a lot of skin and hair care videos. She has done extremely well on Youtube so a lot of her products are unaffordable but I appreciate how real and honest she is.
  • Zoella and her vlogging channel: I’ll be honest, her accent drives me crazy but Zoella is SO cute and has some great beauty videos. She also has her vlogging channel, that I don’t love because to be honest, I don’t really care for her boyfriend. She also has some of her own beauty products which are adorable.
  • Rachhloves: She is a Canadian Youtuber who has a beauty channel and a lifestyle channel. I haven’t watched her lifestyle channel yet though. Rachel is super relatable and does a lot of beauty reviews and hauls. I love watching her honest beauty first impressions.
  • mirellabellebeauty: I sort of forgot about this channel but Mirella is super relatable and very honest which I really appreciate. She is a professional makeup artist and does some breathtaking looks. She is very down to earth and I feel like she doesn’t show off like a lot of other YouTubers.
  • Hot Ones by First We Feast: This isn’t a beauty channel, but watch the Kevin Hart video. It may be the funniest video!!!

I have been enjoying a lot of their Vlogmas videos this year as well, so if you like that kind of videos definitely check them out.