Urban Outfitters Women’s Clearance under $30

First, all of these photos are off of the Urban Outfitters website.

Second, I love looking at the Urban Outfitters website but I usually only look at their clearance because I’m a broke college student. In the past, I have found some really great pieces at a great price. I decided to go through the Women’s clearance and look at the items under $30. Here are 13 items that I found….

If you’re interested in any of the items, I linked each item.

UO Jade Cut-Out Turtleneck top (left)

This top was originally $39.99 & discounted to $9.99

It comes in Pink, Maroon, and Grey. I really like this top because it can be dressed up or dressed down

Silence + Noise Twist-Front Cut-out Tee (right)

This top was originally $39.00 & discounted to $4.99

It also comes in Black but in only one size.

I have been loving the twisted crop tees lately.

Silence + Noise Bengaline Bardot Top (left)

Originally $49.99 & now $9.99

XS-M still available.

Off-the-shoulder tops have been a huge trend.

I just purchased a sticky bra and I’m interested in trying it out with something off the shoulder.

UO Goldie Velvet Cropped Tie-Front Top (right)

Originally $39.99 & now $9.99

M & XL available.

Another style that has been really catching my eye lately.

A great way to show off a beautiful bralette.

UO Velvet Cowl Neck Midi Dress (left)

Originally $69.99 & now $9.99

This is perfect if you’re looking for a statement formal dress.

Future State Long Sleeve Ugly Christmas Tee (right)

Originally $49.99 & discounted at $9.99

I guess it really is the perfect time to buy your holiday sweaters!

Out From Under Drop Needle Tube Top (left)

Not a huge discount but still a good buy, now $10!

Comes in a bunch of colors, too. Another top that can be easily dressed up or dressed down.

Out From Under Esmeralda Lace Triangle Bra (right)

Originally $24 & now $14.99

This also comes in a black-purple lace, too.

I adore simple bralettes.

UO Deep V Button-Down Cropped Top (left)

Originally $44.99 & now $14.99

M & L available.

Another top that could be paired with sneakers, booties, or heels.

Truly Madly Deeply Notch Neck Cropped Tee (right)

Originally $34 & now $19.99

Also available in Black.

I love how casual yet flattering this is.

And, Here are the last three items…

Out From Under Mesh Ruffle Peplum Top (left)

Originally $34 & now $19.99

This is seethrough, also comes in Floral & Maroon.

I adore the silhouette of this top,

I think this would be lovely with a bralette underneath.

BDG Twig Crop High-Rise Skinny Jean (center)

Originally $69 & now $29.99

$30 is totally reasonable for a nice quality pair of jeans,

so I had to share.

UO Millie Empire Waist Velvet Mini Dress (right)

Originally $54 & now $29.99

I adore this dress, the neckline is super flattering

and the color is beautiful. It also comes in yellow.


Guide to a Minimal Wardrobe

Recently I’ve been thinking about all of the clothing I have and how little I actually wear. I’m still a poor college student but my goal is over time to get rid of unnecessary & unworn clothing and shoes. I created a list of clothing that are simple and can be worn with many different outfits. This does not include pajamas and workout clothing, just everyday wear.

***I use the term ‘minimal’ loosely

  • Neutral-colored long and short sleeved tops
  • Neutral tank tops
  • 2-3 Sweaters
  • Few chunky cardigans
  • Denim jacket
  • 2-in-1 Winter/Rain Jacket
  • High-waisted black jeans
  • High-waisted blue jeans
  • High-waisted black leggings
  • Few sweatshirts
  • Few flannels
  • Casual sneakers
  • Booties
  • Waterproof/Winter boots
  • Sandals
  • Mules/Flats
  • Black purse
  • Brown purse
  • Maybe a colored purse
  • 3-4 bras
  • Few neutral colored bralettes
  • Few chunky scarves
  • Denim skirt
  • Few causal dresses
  • Few night/occasion dresses
  • Few body suits
  • Simple jewelry
  • Bomber jacket
  • Loose shorts
  • Few denim shorts
  • Sunglasses
  • Watch

I know this seems like a lot most of these you only need 1 or max 3. It’s more efficient than having 30 tops, 8 pairs of jeans. Sweaters & cardigans that don’t match anything. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a few statement and colorful (versatile) pieces. Seasons make it difficult to make a wardrobe really small.

~Below are some of my favorites, if you want some inspiration:

Denim jacket: https://www.missguidedus.com/light-blue-oversized-denim-jacket-10052550

Sunglasses: https://www.quayaustralia.com/collections/women/products/jezabell

Denim skirt: http://us.asos.com/asos/asos-denim-original-high-waisted-skirt-in-waterfall-blue/prd/7128422?clr=midwashblue&SearchQuery=&cid=15177&pgesize=36&pge=0&totalstyles=122&gridsize=3&gridrow=9&gridcolumn=3

Long sleeve: https://lucaandgrae.com/products/beige-sweater?variant=388466704385

Short sleeve: https://www.madewell.com/madewell_category/SHIRTSTOPS/topsblouses/PRDOVR%7EG2513/G2513.jsp

Purses: https://www.fossil.com/us/en/products/maya-small-hobo-sku-zb7285607c.html


Watch: https://www.fossil.com/us/en/products/jacqueline-three-hand-rose-gold-tone-stainless-steel-watch-sku-es4352p.html


Mules: https://www.madewell.com/madewell_category/SHOESANDBOOTS/clogs/PRDOVR~G8388/G8388.jsp?color_name=english-saddle


Jeans: https://www.ae.com/women-ae-denim-x-vintage-hi-rise-jean-seaspray/web/s-prod/0436_9931_871?cm=sUS-cUSD&catId=cat7010084

Leggings: https://www.girlfriend.com/products/black-girlfriend-legging-4008-jb

Bomber: https://shop.nordstrom.com/s/levis-ma-1-bomber-jacket/4454725?origin=category-personalizedsort&fashioncolor=NAVY

Dress: https://lucaandgrae.com/products/mauve-dress-with-knot-twist?variant=37892787585

September Haul 

NYX Mega Shine lip gloss in Clear: Over the past year, I have purchased multiple matte liquid lips, and I don’t personally love the way matte lips look (on myself) and I saw KathleenLights on Youtube talk about how she puts this on top of some of her matte lips.


Lush Lip Scrub: I have purchased their lip scrub in the jar before but this one was cheaper and because I’ve been more into lipsticks I find a lip scrub to be a very important product.


Three Lush Samples: Breath of Fresh Air toner, Ultrabland cleanser, Skin Drink moisturizer


Urban Super Slim Round Sunglasses in Pink: The other day I stepped on my sunglasses and broke them so when I went into Urban I found some pink sunglasses that were out of my comfort zone but I thought were very pretty.

urban sunglasses

Target Mossimo Shirts:

-I’ve only worn the blue shirt so far and it is incredibly comfortable. I wore it to a full day of classes and it was great for the hot day because it lets in a nice breeze. Also, Mossimo was smart and made this shirt tagless which I am a huge fan of.

-The maroon shirt can be made more conservative. There is a tie in the center that can be tightened or loosened depending on how much cleavage/boob you want to show.

-The velvet tank top doesn’t dip down as low as I wish it did but it is very comfortable and loose which I’m a big fan of when I go out to the bars.

Nalgene 16 oz water bottle: I bought this water bottle about a year ago but my best friend left it at a party last weekend so I bought it on Amazon and got Free 1-day shipping to UMass Amherst. I don’t drink a ton of water so I like that this is 16 oz because it is less intimidating. This water bottle is narrow-mouth so I don’t spill all over myself. I don’t know if you can tell in this photo but this actually is sparkly which is a super cute touch. It is in the color Fire Pink.


Covergirl Bloom Mascara: I have worn this two times now and I actually don’t like it very much. My eyes get very itchy when I wear this mascara and I’m not sure if it’s the mascara or the seasons changing. Also, I think the applicator is a little “sharp” although I do love the shape of it. I am going to use it a few more times because I like the way it separates my lashes and makes them long.


American Eagle Tops: All of these tops were on clearance.

-The bright pink tank top of the left is a tank top that has the cold shoulder detail, it is cute but I find that the sleeves fall off easily.

-I haven’t worn the green shirt yet because I got it in a size Small by mistake and I need to lose some weight before I’ll wear it in public.

-The third shirt, on the right, is a sweater material and it is very cute, I might wear it this weekend but I haven’t yet. It is very soft, too.

Earrings: I recently lost my earrings that I wear in my second holes so I stopped at Francesca’s and picked some up. Now that I’m looking at them I think that one of the small ones is missing the middle piece, but I’m still going to wear them.


Yankee Candles: My best friend & I are now roommates and she loves candles which is making me love candles. I found a few at Bath & Body Works that I loved but they were $25 and I couldn’t justify that. I stopped at Yankee Candle and picked up three small candles. Autumn in the Park (not Autumn Leaves, I hate that one), Honeycrisp Apple Cider, and Farmer’s Market. They all sort of smell like apples to me, but those are my favorite scents.



Jeans Day at Work OOTD

Every Friday at work we are allowed to wear jeans instead of dress pants, skirt, or dress. This is my favorite day of the week because my jeans fit me the best. 

What I’m Wearing:

  • Dynamite Cardigan: I got this in Canada last summer. It is extremely soft & cozy but also makes any outfit look put together. 
  • GAP jeans: these are high rise because I love keeping the snack pouch hidden. These jeans are extremely flattering and fit me better than any other jeans besides American Eagle. I bought these when I worked at Old Navy and got 50% off at Gap. 
  • Dainty Butterfly Necklace from Urban Outfitters: I bought this for like $16 and I wear it most days. I love dainty chokers, I take this off at night because I’m afraid it’ll turn my neck green.

  • Tank Top from Target: My friend gave this to me as a gift when I turned 19. It has beautiful lace detailing at the top. It is simple but the detailing makes the outfit way less boring. 
  • Fossil Cross Body: This bag is black leather and looks less boring with the different fabric they used on the smaller pocket. This is the biggest purse than I own and can fit my daily jounral, wallet, feminine products, phone charger, a few lip products, and a hand lotion.

  • Birkenstocks: I spent the normal price on these because my feet are brand snobs and only want the best. Disclaimer: breaking these shoes in was hell for me but once I broke them in they’re like walking on clouds.