Jeans Day at Work OOTD

Every Friday at work we are allowed to wear jeans instead of dress pants, skirt, or dress. This is my favorite day of the week because my jeans fit me the best. 

What I’m Wearing:

  • Dynamite Cardigan: I got this in Canada last summer. It is extremely soft & cozy but also makes any outfit look put together. 
  • GAP jeans: these are high rise because I love keeping the snack pouch hidden. These jeans are extremely flattering and fit me better than any other jeans besides American Eagle. I bought these when I worked at Old Navy and got 50% off at Gap. 
  • Dainty Butterfly Necklace from Urban Outfitters: I bought this for like $16 and I wear it most days. I love dainty chokers, I take this off at night because I’m afraid it’ll turn my neck green.

  • Tank Top from Target: My friend gave this to me as a gift when I turned 19. It has beautiful lace detailing at the top. It is simple but the detailing makes the outfit way less boring. 
  • Fossil Cross Body: This bag is black leather and looks less boring with the different fabric they used on the smaller pocket. This is the biggest purse than I own and can fit my daily jounral, wallet, feminine products, phone charger, a few lip products, and a hand lotion.

  • Birkenstocks: I spent the normal price on these because my feet are brand snobs and only want the best. Disclaimer: breaking these shoes in was hell for me but once I broke them in they’re like walking on clouds.