KL Polish in Graham

Here’s a photo of what Graham from KL Polish looks like ~at night, with the flash~


Archer and Olive Dotted Journal


I had been using the Red Co. dotted journal that I found on Amazon as my ‘bullet journal”, but I decided to do August 2017-February 2018 when I had some extra time and ended up realizing that I hated the layout. I used erasable highlighters to add some color but once you use them over pencil, the pencil doesn’t come off. Even after you erase the highlighter.

So, for Christmas, I decided to ask for a new one. The pages in the Red Co. notebook were a little thin so I did some research and came across the Archer and Olive notebook.


The notebook has super thick and sturdy pages. Very white pages, a pocket in the back, a bookmark, and an elastic to keep it closed. The book is taller than my previous one which I very much enjoy, too. But, the dots are pretty dark. I use pencil when I write in my journal because I do a lot of erasing and I think the dots are just too dark. Also, there aren’t any page numbers, this isn’t important to me but I know a lot of people who prefer page numbers.


If it was a $6-$10 notebook, I might push it to the side, but it’s $25 so I’m going to love it and continue to use it. Maybe even start using a pen.

KL Polish First Impressions

My KL Polish order finally came in today! It came super quickly. I ordered Point Zero, Aquarius, Graham & Taurus. When I got home from work today I immediately painted my nails. Above, is my nails painted with Taurus.

First, the brush. The brush is flexible and leaves no streaks but it’s very wide. The width made it difficult to paint my pinky & pointer finger without getting polish on my skin.

Second, the formula. The formula is thick. I love it, Taurus was basically opaque with only one coat. ~As a beginner~ I like to only put a little polish on the brush but I found it was easier to spread this evenly with so little. But also I’m dramatic and they came out fine, if I say so myself.

Overall, 9/10. The brush is something I could easily get used to and the formula of this seems really promising.

I cannot wait to use the other colors, I’ll write another post about how the polish wore over time with pictures of the other colors as well.


Ouai Wave Spray Review


My hair was stick-straight until I got to college & it decided to frizz and get an odd wavy texture. It was pretty terrible, to be honest. Then I decided to cut my hair short and it ended up being pretty straight and smooth again. I thought it was back to normal for good. But as it grew back it just kept getting frizzy.

I’ve tried hair masks, I’ve conditioned my hair for 15 minutes in the shower, I’ve used Moroccan oil, coconut oil, etc. And nothing tamed the beast.

I heard about Ouai hair products on Youtube and then started looking into reviews. I was at Sephora and saw that they had a mini size for $12 (1.7 oz) and was going to buy it until I saw the 5 oz for $26 (I’m not sure if that’s actually a better deal) but I bought the larger size.

I’ve used it about 4-6 times and think that I can give an honest review. This product is weird. You can use it in damp or dry hair, but I find that no matter when I use it, that this product makes my hair sticky and hard. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. It honestly just makes my hair feel dirty. I watched the ‘How to’ videos on Youtube and on the Sephora website but I just don’t like it. I’m going to continue to use it in different ways and see if I can find a way to make it not make my hair feel sticky and hard.

Ill keep you updated.

First Impressions: Glossier Body Hero Daily Oil Wash



I tried the Glossier Body Hero Daily Oil Wash for the first time on Sunday. I looked at their reviews online and although a lot of people were overwhelmed by the floral scent, a lot of people talked about how hydrating it was for their skin. So I bought it.

First, this bottle was much smaller than I expected considering it costs $18. Second, It comes with a pump but also a twist cap for traveling and storing. When I opened up the bottle to put the pump on I had to smell it. It definitely has a strong floral scent but I personally enjoyed it.

I usually use Dove’s Deep Moisture or Dry Oil Moisture body wash, I love Dove because I have very sensitive skin but my skin occasionally breaks out and I heard that some people’s body acne subsided when they started using Body Hero by Glossier.

So, let’s get on with it. This product comes out as an oil but turns into a foam/lather, it took me a pump for my arms, chest, another for my back, another for my legs. This seemed reasonable to me. The oil felt really nice and luxurious on my skin, too. I like a body wash that has a scent that lingers and this one does that. When I got out of the shower I noticed that my chest wasn’t red and I didn’t have any blemishes which is sort of unusual.

I will not buy this body lotion again since it is $18 and I’m a struggling college student but I am going to enjoy it while it lasts and give you guys an update over winter break when I start using it more.

giphy (9)

*I’m sorry for the lack of photos, I left the bottle at home

Cause Box: Summer 2017

The other day I was scrolling the Instagram & realized that one of my friends received a subscription box, Cause Box. It is more of a lifestyle box than a beauty box; like Birchbox or Ipsy. I don’t think Birchbox and Ipsy are worth the $10 because I only ever like/use about half of what I get. I would compare Cause Box to like FabFitFun, about the same price & items. This subscription box is delivered four times a year and is cheaper if you pay for the full-year up front.

So here’s what was in the box….

Haiti Design Co. key chain; retails at $14

I put this on my keys instead of my purse because the key chain has gold hardware and my purse has silver.



Altru Notebook & Bookmark; retails at $24

This book is absolutely adorable and feels really nice in your hand, the notebook is lined and I think I am going to use it as a recipe book.


Pura Vida Bracelets; retails at $10

It came with a teal bracelet and a pink & purple bracelet. I don’t love the pink bracelet so I think I’m going to gift it to a friend, but these feel like they’re great quality. I think they may be waxed and the size is adjustable. I honestly think I might wear this as an anklet if it fits, I can definitely see myself wearing it every day.

Pura Vida Bracelet


Kálos Detox Face Mask; retails at $39

I have not tried this face mask yet but once I do I will update this post and let you know about my experience. At first impressions, the packaging is super high-quality.

Detox Face Mask


Nashelle (Adjustable) Wave Ring; retails at $46

This ring is beautiful, the fact that it’s adjustable is really cool but I don’t normally wear rings so I can’t figure out how to make it smaller. It is too big for all of my fingers, including my thumb. This ring is rose gold and compliments my skin tone (and any skin tone) really well.


Mason Jar Company Cup, Straw & Cap; retails at $20

This is one of my favorite things that came in this box, the mason jar is huge (a little more than 18 oz/2 cups). The mint cap that it comes with has a hole in the top for the straw. Mason jars are easy to clean and just have a great aesthetic. I think this will be nice for iced teas or fruit waters. Or if you’re a smoothie person.



All Good Coconut Sunscreen; retails at $8.99

This came just in time because I am going to the beach for a week next week, this is the perfect size for a beach bag, makeup bag, or purse. This sunscreen smells really great and offers 30 SPF protection. I will add a review once I try it next week. I’ll share how my face reacts to it.

All Good Sunscreen


Shelley Steer RELAX Print; retails for $10

The box included a print that matches the print of the box & it has gold-foiled letters. This is small but I think it’ll look really nice in my new college apartment. In the photo I didn’t take the plastic off, in real life, it is matte, besides the foiled words.

RELAX print


-Kuli Kuli Superfood (Sample)

This is used as a smoothie mix, it is supposed to be 1 full serving of vegetables. In the packet, they give a recommended recipe.

Ingredients: 2 Kuli Kuli packets, 1 1/2 cups of water, 12 oz chopped romaine lettuce, 1/2 bunch of spinach, 4 stalks of celery, 1 apple (seeded, cored, quartered), 1 pear (seeded, quartered), 1 banana (halved), 1/2 lemon (halved)

I don’t drink smoothies so I might give this to a friend. I don’t ever use a blender because I’m lazy and that sounds like way more vegetables & fruit than needed in a day.

Pure Moringa Smoothie Powder

This box was $55 but the items inside were worth $171.

The only thing I can’t see myself using is the Superfood packets and those weren’t even included in the $171. 100% worth it.

Dotted Red Co “Impressions” Collection

I bought this journal in March to start “bullet journaling” because I didn’t want to spend $20 on the Leuchttrum journal since I wasn’t sure if I was going to stick with journaling.

I. Overview: 236 Dotted pages, 5×7. 3 of the 4 first pages are pre-printed Table of Contents pages. 11 inches from left to right dots. 16 cm from top to bottom dot. There’s a paper pocket on the inside of the back cover to carry your mini ruler or notes. As well as two “silk” page markers.

II. How I use it: I chose the first two pages to be a birthday spread. The next four consist of Ideas & Places To Go, Books & Movies, Academic Deadlines, and Food to Try. I start each month with a two-page month overview, which just looks like a typical calendar. Then I do a week-view where I can write more details and goals for each day.


III. Pros: The book is sturdy & feels great in your hand. The cover is soft and it has a great elastic to keep the book closed. Comes in tons of colors. The dots aren’t too dark or too light in my opinion. It’s very easy to connect the dots with or without a ruler.

IV. Cons: I only use pencil in this because I make tons of mistakes, and you can definitely see it through the page. If you were to use a pen it would definitely be annoying although my highlighters do not bleed through the pages.

V. Wrap Up: Overall, if you’re not super picky about being able to see your pencil through the page a little bit then this is a great choice for you. The dots don’t disappear when you erase and it’s only $13. In my opinion, the 5×7 is the perfect size to keep in your purse or backpack.