Breast Cancer Awareness Month

When I was a junior in high school my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, waiting for her test results felt like the longest & most emotional days of my life. My mother was only 47 when she was diagnosed, which is very young compared to the majority of diagnoses. It was a huge surprise for my entire family & everyone who knew her. It took her two years to complete chemo, radiation, to have her lumpectomy & getting her ovaries removed. She wasn’t ever diagnosed with ovarian cancer but her medicine for her breast cancer could cause ovarian cancer and she did not want to take that risk.

Bright Pink is a company that is based around educating woman about breast cancer & their risks. They teach “prevention”, as well as how to cope with having breast cancer. They offer a quiz where you can assess your risk based on your family history & daily habits. They also offer monthly text reminders for self-breast exams, which is very important to many women.



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